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Sukshasana, The Pleasant Pose, is often used as a meditation pose. It calms the mind and creates an overall feeling of well-being.

Sukshasana, The Pleasant Pose, is often used as a meditation pose. It calms the mind and creates an overall feeling of well-being.

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Our Activity

US Yoga Academy promotes spiritual growth and personal development through the practical disciplines of Yoga and Tantra. We offer our students the means to a rapid and long-lasting transformation, which can lead to a higher quality of life on all levels. We aspire to help as many people as possible to discover the true essence of their being, and their endless spiritual potential.

Our students range from individuals aspiring towards the highest peaks of spiritual achievement, to those who simply want to be more relaxed, harmonious or healthy.


What We Offer

We offer traditional teachings of Yoga and Tantra in a practical and accessible way to our students. Everything is explained in accordance to scientific discoveries, and adapted to fit the needs of daily lives. Our courses are progressive and are conducted in an educational environment. They provide knowledge, practice and encouragement towards a personal journey of self-discovery.

Our Teacher Training requires a minimum of four years of practice and preparation. This ensures that our teachers are well equipped in guiding and supporting their students on the path of spiritual transformation.

Our Mission

Our mission is to present authentic spiritual education. Teachings are performed through classes and seminars based on Esoteric Yoga and Tantra. We aim to inspire, encourage and motivate the American people to live a free, harmonious and healthy life, and experience higher states of happiness. We aspire to support our students to awaken their own creativity. It’s further our purpose to embody divine attributes and discover the fundamental meaning of life. Our most ardent desire is to help as many people as possible reach spiritual growth, perfection and even spiritual liberation. Our main values are love, compassion, kindness, authenticity, freedom, truth and non-violence. We respect different beliefs, religions and paths of life, and offer heartfelt support of all those who seek our courses. We adamantly believe that there are many paths to the Divine and wish to support them.

The dandelion symbolizes the inner child, playfulness, happiness and the ability to enjoy simple things. The awakening of the inner child is a necessary step on all spiritual paths.

The dandelion symbolizes the inner child, playfulness, happiness and the ability to enjoy simple things. The awakening of the inner child is a necessary step on all spiritual paths.

What Yoga Is

The Sanskrit word “Yoga” means “union”. Yoga is a philosophic, theoretical and practical science which appeared in India thousands of years ago. Yoga helps the human being discover the fascinating mysteries of their own nature. Through their practice, yogis aspire to answer existential questions, like:

  • ‘What am I?”‘

  • ‘What is the meaning of my life?’

  • ‘Where do I come from?’

  • ‘What will happen to me after I die?’


Yoga is Universal

Mircea Eliade, one of the most influential scholars of religion of the 20th century, described yoga as “The Science of All Religions”.

The practical aspects of any religion or spiritual system can all be found in yoga. They address general human needs, like:

  • Purification and health of the body, mind and emotions

  • Prayer and meditation

  • Awakening of dormant energies and abilities

  • Respect of moral and ethical principles, like: truth, non-violence, detachment, etc.

  • Increase of love, compassion, forgiveness and humbleness

  • Overcoming the limitations and fears of the ego

  • The discovery of the transcendental essence of the human being, and of the Creation

  • Faith in God, based on a direct inner connection with It

  • The realization that life of all beings is guided by a superior order

  • The necessity to live a life which is beneficial and supportive of all that is good.


Yoga Poses Are More than Physical Exercise

Asanas, or yoga poses, do not only strengthen and harmonize the physical body, and increase flexibility. Just like a telecommunications antenna, each position of the body helps us resonate with specific energies, and influences our mind, emotions and even our higher spiritual traits.

The Ultimate Goal of Yoga is to Discover the Divine within Ourselves

Even though it appeared in India, Yoga practice can help people of all religions, faiths and walks of life. There is no aspect of a human being that cannot be improved through consistent and correct practice of authentic yoga.

The ultimate goal of Yoga practice is the revelation of the essential nature or identity of the human being, called Atman or the Supreme Self. According to the saints and masters of all traditions who have attained this realization, Atman is eternal, transcendental, perfect and divine.

The spiral is the symbol of spiritual development and of our essential identity with the universe.

The spiral is the symbol of spiritual development and of our essential identity with the universe.

What Tantra Is

Tantra is an ancient science which guides the life and spiritual evolution of man. The Sanskrit word “Tantra” derives from “Tan” which means network or expansion, and “Tra” which means instrument.

  • Tantra helps us discover the connections between all things and beings, and expand our consciousness and understanding.

  • The tantric practices guide the aspirant towards a complete and harmonious development of their body, mind and personality, and ultimately towards spiritual realization.

  • Tantra brings together physics, metaphysics, science and spirituality in a unitary system, which emphasizes direct personal experience.

  • Tantric practices include yoga techniques and various types of meditation, but are not limited to them.

  • Tantra teaches us to be in command of all energies, and turn them into elevating forces.

Tantra sees the entire Universe as a gigantic web of energies which connect everything, and interact with each other based on their frequency of vibration.

Tantra sees the entire Universe as a gigantic web of energies which connect everything, and interact with each other based on their frequency of vibration.

Tantra considers that life is filled with occasions for personal transformation. The experiences that generate strong emotions or sensations are particularly valuable. Such experiences may include: falling in love, intense pleasure and orgasm, powerful sensory perceptions, surprise, extreme happiness, passion and desire. There are tantric methods that can transform even painful feelings like sadness, loneliness or fear into something uplifting and positive, by shifting the energy that generates these feelings. All these situations spontaneously awaken in us high-intensity energies. By remaining fully aware and in control of these energies, we can channel them within ourselves and use them for healing, inner transformation at all levels and ultimately for spiritual awakening.


Tantra and Sexuality

Among various spiritual sciences, Tantra is unique in bringing together sexuality and spirituality.

Tantra does not consider that love, erotic passion, desire and pleasure are obstacles on the path towards the Divine, or that they should be accompanied by guilt and shame. On the contrary, all these emotions and experiences are natural for all human beings, and they deeply touch our souls. With the right attitude and techniques, they can provide means for rapid spiritual evolution.

Love and Purity Are the Keys to Success

The erotic Tantric practices are far from debauchery. Tantra emphasizes that love and purity of heart has to be the foundation for any erotic interaction. Sex without love cannot lead to spiritual evolution.  Authentic, intense and pure love, along with the ability to control and sublimate powerful energies, are the keys towards transforming sensuality into a path towards the Divine. Without a steady yoga practice, purification of the body and mind, discipline, ability to meditate, and a high degree of energy control, the erotic tantric practices cannot lead to spiritual transformation. Those who are unaware of the true meaning and scope of Tantra, usually see these erotic practices as means to increase excitement and have lovemaking last longer. These results are positive, yet far from being a goal in themselves.

The ultimate goal of Tantra is the discovery of the Divine at the core of human existence.


Our Spiritual Guide, Gregorian Bivolaru (Grieg)

He is the heart and soul of our teachings. He is one of those rare human beings who came into this world to shake our old ways and rigid convictions and to help us hear the call of the infinite.

He possesses an overwhelming spiritual knowledge and an unmatched understanding of human nature. His presence deeply touches the souls of those who have the privilege of meeting him or who follow his teachings with an open heart. He tirelessly supports us and our students in all our spiritual needs. We love and respect him immensely and are grateful for having him into our lives.


Our Lineage: Gupta Mahasiddha Yoga

“Gupta” in Sanskrit Means “Secret”, “Esoteric”, or “Hidden”.

Gupta Mahasiddha Yoga is not a specific tradition, but a level of spirituality, which can be reached by people of all backgrounds and belief systems. All authentic spiritual traditions have a common origin, which may be referred to as a “Primordial Tradition”.  A Primordial Tradition establishes the fundamental source of spiritual knowledge. A Primordial Tradition articulates universal truths which are cross-cultural and transcend all mythologies, beliefs, and traditions.

From this Primordial Tradition, all forms of enlightening knowledge are derived. All authentic paths, beliefs and religions are distinct expressions of this origin.  The Primordial Tradition represents the dynamic reflection of the Ultimate Divine Truth. It cannot be the property or the exclusive privilege of any belief, path, or specific religion. Because of this, no path, belief, or religion can claim exclusivity to the Divine.

Likewise, Gupta Mahasiddha Yoga is not limited to a certain spiritual system or geographic place.  It is a summary of all genuine and truly inspired spiritual knowledge.  Its goal is to offer clear ways of spiritual realization,  which are perfectly adapted to all  human typologies. Gupta Mahasiddha Yoga is universal, and transcends all cultures and civilizations. The essence of Gupta Mahasiddha Yoga is the spontaneous and free ascension of consciousness towards the Divine through the awakening of Kundalini.

Given that Gupta Mahasiddha yogis seek to gain primordial knowledge, they may belong to any spiritual school. They recognize the common origin of all traditions and perceive their unity rather than their differences. Gupta Mahasiddha Yoga practitioners aspire to live in harmony with all that is pure and divine. They are a part of the entire Gupta Mahasiddha Yoga fraternity from the beginning of time.


The Guides of Gupta Mahasiddha Yoga…

…are fully dedicated to the moral and spiritual renewal of humanity.

In the spiritual tradition, a Guru or Spiritual Guide, is “the one who brings light into the darkness”.

They know through direct experience that the supreme Spiritual Guide is God Itself, who ultimately inspires and sustains all spiritual traditions. True Gupta Mahasiddha guides constantly act in harmony with the Divine Will. Gupta Mahasiddha Yoga considers that the essence of any spiritual initiation is the irresistible energy of liberating Divine Grace. By this Grace, the one who is initiated can gradually become an initiator. This is how spiritual lineages have continued since ancient times, through direct initiation from master to disciple, from spiritual guide to aspirant, from teacher to student.

Gupta Mahasiddha Yoga Guides go beyond introducing spiritual concepts, theories and philosophies. They can induce realization, insight and transformation through direct spiritual transmission, to those who are ready and open to it. The guides achieve this through the awakening and ascension of the endless and colossal energy known as Kundalini Shakti. These states may be given to large groups of people and may even include divine ecstasy (samadhi).  Any master who can telepathically induce high spiritual states to large numbers of people is considered a Gupta Mahasiddha yogi. Examples of such accomplished masters can be found in all spiritual traditions.

In Gupta Mahasiddha Yoga, the practice may go beyond common rules (nirachara) and is defined by an inner state of oneness and transcendence (advaita).

The old Christian monasteries at Meteora, Greece are an architectural wonder. They are a haven of authentic spirituality and a holy ground for those who aspire towards the Absolute.

The old Christian monasteries at Meteora, Greece are an architectural wonder. They are a haven of authentic spirituality and a holy ground for those who aspire towards the Absolute.


The Founder and Coordinator of US Yoga Academy

Ileana Stefanescu, Las Vegas, NV


Ileana moved from Romania to the United States with the sole purpose of sharing the beautiful spiritual teachings she has learned since a very young age. Brought into yoga through her father over 30 years ago, Ileana found her true belief and passion. She found amazing students and established additional teachers of the school in the USA. Ileana teaches courses of Yoga, Tantra and Sacred Femininity in Las Vegas and on-line. She also leads the teacher training programs.

Ileana has been teaching Yoga and Tantra since 1992. She holds a Masters Degree in Electronic Engineering; however, Ileana decided to work full time as a teacher of spirituality. She dedicated her life to helping people discover the hidden dimensions of their being, harmonize their lives, and use their fabulous potential.

Ileana is reaching her goal of creating a spiritual community in the United States and beyond with this school.


Jean, Ileana’s Father

He has practiced yoga for over 30 years and still teaches it in Romania. He has a PhD in Atomic Physics. At 79, he does headstand daily, and hours of asanas and pranayama. Jean loves The United States, and helps Ileana with her classes any time he visits.

Student Testimonial

The Shakti Class opened the secret gates to my heart, gradually guiding me to the essence of my absolute beauty. A formidable occasion to learn to love and cherish myself and others. After one meeting I saw myself in a completely new transfiguring light. The amplification of beauty in my world is profound. Over 20 years as a Craft Beautician, I have never experienced more aesthetic ecstasy, creativity, and confidence as a woman. There is none more worthy than the U.S. Yoga Academy! I am privileged to feel the infinite love, grace, and harmony in Shakti. The inner alchemy techniques taught in the Esoteric Tantra Yoga Class help me heal emotionally, recover from my addictions, and release traumas, depression and anxiety very rapidly. I love Ileana and this community very very much. I will be forever a student here!” -Brandi

Our Teachers in the USA

Our International Network


ATMAN – The International Federation of Yoga and Meditation

Atman is an International Yoga Federation that unites many spiritual schools around the world that share the same curriculum as we do. Besides similar teaching, all these schools are united in their aspiration to revive and spread in the world authentic and effective spiritual knowledge.

All our teachers are certified by Atman. This certification is one of the most comprehensive and hard to obtain yoga teacher’s certifications in the world.

Here is the list of our sister schools around the world:

Atman Yoga Teacher Training Graduation Ceremony

Atman Yoga Teacher Training Graduation Ceremony